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Contact Sue Dyke at (906) 353-8505.

The Ottawa Sportsmen have a variety of items sporting the Club Logo. Baseball jackets & sweatshirts, 50/50 cotton & polyester, forest green with khaki embroidered lettering only, are ordered on an individual basis. To avoid additional shipping costs, we hold these orders until 3 or more items are requested. But, if you're in a hurry for an item we'll hop to it right away. You just need to pay extra for the zippy shipping. Sometimes an order is pending the addition of one more items, so call or E Mail us by using the "how to order" info, below. We might just be waiting for your order!!!

Long sleeve screen-printed forest green heavy weight tees are on hand at the club in size XL only. Other sizes can be ordered on request. Short sleeve heavy weight tees are also on hand at the club in green, khaki and royal blue in a variety of sizes. Like the sweatshirts, the tees don't shrink and still look pretty darn sharp after lots of washing.

We have a whole bunch of real nice golf caps with embroidered logo at the club, too; black ones and green ones and blazing orange camouflage ones. And, there's even some low profile, brushed khaki canvas, green billed with green lettering, that look really spiffy with our jackets ones, too!

"So, how much do these thing cost?" you ask.

Caps: Any color, any style sells for $8.00 each.

Tees: Short sleeved tees, small - 2X, sell for $8.00 each. 
       Long sleeved tees, small - XL, sell for $13.00 each   
       (~ Contact us for prices on size 2X thru 5X ~)

Sweatshirts:  Sm. - XL,  $15.00     
              2X - 3X,   $16.00    
              (~Contact us for prices on size 4X & 5X~)

Jackets: Oxford-cloth, Quilt lining:   Sm.-XL, $53.00
                                           2X,  56.50
                                           3X,  59.00
         Oxford-cloth, Flannel lining: Sm.-XL, $49.25
                                           2X,  51.50
                                           3X,  54.00

         Satin-cloth, Quilt lining:    Sm.-XL, $51.50
                                           2X,  55.00
                                           3X,  57.50

         Satin-cloth, Flannel lining:  Sm.-XL, $49.25
                                           2X,  51.50
                                           3X,  54.00
(Yep, the Satin flannel cost the same as Oxford flannel.
  We checked and the lady said, "Yep!"  So, "Yep" it is.)
Jackets are available in up to size 5X.  Contact us for prices

These prices include shipping on 3 jackets or more. You can order on your own, but it sure won't help us to cut our shipping cost. If you plan to go ahead and do it anyway, count on spending an extra ten bucks and order through HOMESTEAD GRAPHICS , P.O. Box 569, Baraga, 49908 or contact Amy at

So how do I order through the club?

If you want a jacket, sweatshirt or larger tee, call Sue Dyke at at 353-8505, or leave her a message at the club. She'll order it, pick it up and mail it if you want it mailed. (You pay the postage) Otherwise, she'll track you down and arrange to deliver it or for you to pick it up.

Payment in advance is preferred, but in the case of phone orders, other arrangements can be made. Items must be paid for before shipping or at the time of delivery. Please allow for extra time to get this all done in time if you're special ordering O.S.C. Club items for Christmas presents.

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