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Coach Ron Granroth started his Jr Shooting Sports Camp Program in 1996.
The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club now runs this annual week long Junior Shooting Camp for NRA style target shooting.
The camp teaches safety and competitive shooting as an athletic event to juniors ages 14 to 18. Coaches and Trainers have national shooting experience and previous graduates of the camp have won the United States National Jr. Team Championship several times.
The first 4 days encompass classroom instruction, physical exercise, and closely coached practice in pistol and rifle safety and marksmanship. Friday includes the final Pistol and Rifle Tournament, Family Cookout, and Shotgun fun shooting.
This camp is the premier junior camp in the nation for teaching competitive shooting as an athletic event. A graduate may be taking their first step to an Olympic Gold Medal.
Mark Wuori, 228-5471, has now taken on oversight of the Camp Program to continue the great program Ron established.

From The L'Anse Sentinel, 24 May 2000: "Shooting camp offered for youth"

In an effort to get more young people involved in the shooting sports, the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club will conduct a Junior Shooting Sports Camp at the club's facilities, M-38 west of Baraga, on June 12 through June 16,2000. The Shooting Sports Camp is designed for beginner through intermediate shooters, ages 14-18, who want to learn the fundamentals of Shooting as well as prepare for competition with rifle, pistol and shotgun. "With proper training and practice, shooting can actually lead to competition in 18 shooting events that are a part of the Olympics," said Camp Instructor Ron Haka. The registration fee is $20 per individual and those interested in attending should sign up as soon as possible as the camp size will be limited to 16 people. The young shooters will be very closely supervised and a great deal of emphasis will be placed on gun safety. Camp time will be divided between classroom-type instruction and 'lots and lots of actual shooting, basic marksmanship, as well as competitive shooting. All firearms, ammunition and targets will be provided. Those attending the Shooters' Camp are required to provide their own ear and eye protection which is available at most sporting goods outlets at a nominal cost. They will need a thick glove or mit for the non-dominant hand, a thick jacket or sweatshirt for the rifle portion of the camp and also a good sack lunch and low sugar beverage for each day. Camp hours will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday's activities will begin at 9 a.m. with a review of safety, marksmanship basics and match procedures. This will be followed by a "600" Pistol Match and an All Position Rifle Match. Family and friends will be invited for a 5:30 potluck cook-out, junior shotgun "Clay Pigeons Beware" shoot and a certificate and awards ceremony ending at 9 p.m. Although finding transportation to the club house is encouraged, help with a ride can be arranged and if the cost of ear and eye protection is a problem, some assistance may be available, an OSC spokesperson said. "This Junior Shooting Sports Camp is planned to be an enjoyable learning experience which will benefit your young adult for the rest of his or her life. It is the perfect opportunity for your child to receive expert guidance in the proper handling and use of several types of guns in a hands-on experience. They will not just hear the words Be Careful, they will also learn How To Be Careful," Haka said. To sign up for the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Junior Shooting Sports Camp 2000 or for more information, a parent or guardian can call club members Ron Granroth, camp director and coach, at (906) 523-4320 or Ron Haka, chief range officer and instructor, at (906) 353-6383.



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Competitor Ron - Camp Perry Entrance Tower - Range Officer Ben

Ron at Camp Perry Camp Perry Ben at Camp Perry

OSC Junior Team wins at Camp Perry National Matches!
2006 OSC Jr Team 2006
.22 caliber
Team Match
2006 OSC Jr Team Awards
OSC 2004 Jr Team 2004
Jr Championship
and National
Sharpshooter Team
(all ages)
2004 OSC Jr Team Awards
OSC 2003 Jr Team 2003
Jr Championship
Team Photo
2003 OSC Jr Team Awards
OSC Team 2002 2002
Team Photo
 2002 Camp Perry Awards


Rochelle Prescott, 2001 Camp - "Thank you for offering the shooting sports camp at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club! It is an excellent camp and I hope to try to attend next year, if its possible. I'm glad you offer the camp for guys and girls both, and I felt very welcome! Keep offering this camp to kids in the future! Thanks again! It was a lot of fun!"

Matthew Niemela, 2001 Camp - "Thanks for your support of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Shooting Sports Camp in which I participated. I enjoyed learning to shoot firearms more accurately. I truly appreciate your help."

Andrew McInnes, 2001 Camp - "Thank you for helping to make Shooting Sports Camp 2001 possible!"

Christa Madgwick, 2001 Camp - "I would like to thank you for letting us borrow the camp for the week of 11 - 15th. It was very fun. I would also hope that this association goes on in further life. It was very fun for boys and girls. So thank you!"

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