Ottawa Sportsmen's Club
Annual Turkey Shoot
Last Sunday in September

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Turkey Shoot Events

The O.S.C. Annual Turkey Shoot will be held the last Sunday in September at the Club House and Shooting Range, eight miles west of Baraga on M-38. Events begin at 11 a.m. and end with the late afternoon Grand Raffle. This is a fun for the whole family day!

GOOD FOOD ( Happy Bellys Come First!)
Our terrific cooks will press the barbeque pit into action again this year, serving up scrumptious and fresh from the grill bratwurst, hot dogs and hamburgers plus, nachos, chips, sweet treats, soda and coffee. This good stuff will be available all day long. Event Poster
The Indoor Range will be reserved for young folks old enough to hold and manage a .22 rim-fire rifle. Kids can shoot at breakable suspended spinning clay discs, paintballs on pie plates and "cookies" yep, clay cookies!!! The O.S.C. has three of these rifles, the ammunition, and the necessary hearing protection and glasses. Firing is done from a bench with arm support and an adult O.S.C. member will directly supervise each shooter, the rifle and the firing process. There will be another O.S.C. member on hand to supervise and manage the overall operation of the indoor range. Each young shooter will receive a prize and the cost for this event will be $1.00 for 10 rounds.
Event Poster

CENTER-FIRE RIFLE EVENTS (Several to chose from)
Bring your own favorite hunting type rifle or use ours. All firing is done offhand without the use of a sling. Also bring hearing protectors and glasses. There may be handicaps for the Ace shots. These events are great for spectators, too. Fun to watch!!!
Milk jugs filled with brightly colored water are the targets. Each shooter gets to aim at five jugs placed on stands 50 to 100 yards away. Blast them all and win a turkey, perfectly plucked, cleaned and frozen. (Aha so thatís why they call this a Turkey Shoot!) $2 to shoot your own rifle, $3 to use our rifle and ammunition. Event Poster
What is a Gong, you ask???? Well, way out there is a steel gong. Itís solid enough so, if you hit it, we can see it move from way back here. Make the gong move and you win a turkey. It will cost $2.00 a shot to get in on this version of The Gong Show. Event Poster
Yup, pumpkin pie to go with your turkey dinner! Wonít be much left to make a pie out of, though. If you are in the need of excitement and want people for miles away to know youíre a Top Shot, this eventís for you. But, caution, youíll need to stay more than 100 yards away from these babies. $2.00 a shot, but itíll be better than the Fourth of July!!! Event Poster
Well, actually that should be 'for' turkeys. By popular request, there is more long distance rifle shooting. Hit the bowling pin at 300 yards and win a turkey. $2.00 per shot. Event Poster
Almost as good as the real thing! Maybe even better!!! No bait pile, no frozen fingers while sitting on a stump, and no waiting for that big buck to walk into your sights. This spring mounted Monster Buck will run into view on a motorized cart and all ya gotta do is hit the clay target heart to win a prize. Nope, no venison, just a nice fat juicy turkey for the Deer Camp pot. $2 per shot. Event Poster Event Notice
Back by popular demand!!! This crowd pleasing event involves a cannon with a 2" bore and a round ball you sure wouldnít want to drop on your toe. It makes a heck of a loud BOOM, bellows a lot of smoke and just involves luck. No skill or marksmanship is involved! Sign your moniker on a slice of the pizza plate. If your name gets cannon balled, you win half the pot for each round of The Cannon Blast. $2 per pie wedge. Event Poster
A new event for mid teens and adults intended for casual rather than expert shooters. Bring your favorite Sporting 22-caliber rifle or use ours. It'll be "barnyard bedlam" when shooters take offhand aim at the steel critters. Yup, one's a Tom Turkey! $2 per shooter. Event Poster
This is the target rifle event for precision shooters. You can bring your own target rifle or use ours. The O.S.C. will supply the ammo, bench rests, the targets and the turkey prizes for the top shooter in each 6 person relay. $2 per shooter. Event Poster
Use the club's 9mm pistol and ammo to see who's the quickest at calling the OSC's bluff and knocking over the steel cards and other colorful targets. $2 per shooter. Event Poster
The club's rim fire target pistols are used to see who is the quickest pistolero at flipping the plastic targets down. Five shooters up and the fastest to hit all five wins the prize and the bragging. $2 per shooter. Event Poster
Squirrels and bunnies; woodchucks, porkies, and beavers; grouse and crows; and even skunks and snakes and bats! Knock the steel critters down with our pistol caliber lead bullet rifle and you'll be eat'n good tonight. Naw, you won't be eat'n snake, they all taste like chicken! $2 per shooter. Event Poster
Clay Pigeons Beware!!! It takes skill and an Eagle Eye to win these merchandise prizes. Bring your own favorite shotgun or use one of ours. We also have 12 gauge shells if you ainít quite what you used to be and run out of your own! Five shooters get 10 clays each and the winner draws for the prize. $4 per round. (Practice rounds are $1 for 10 clays.) Event Poster
Take a hip shot at the target that'll release a clay bird and then hit the birdie with a shot from the shoulder. Double dare ya to try it! Shotgun and shells available or bring your own $2 per shooter. Event Poster
One step, two steps, three steps, four. When will the bird flush or sit some more? When you least expect it, whirr and Ka-Bang!!! Sorry, no prize if you disappoint the dog. There are 5 clay birds for each of 5 shooters. The winner gets 50% of the Nest Egg. $2 per walk. Event Poster
Flying and stationary targets, 3-D deer and bear. Use the club's bows or bring your own. $2 per shooter. Event Poster
( 4 fun events) "Split the Ball" on a double edged axe to hit both clay targets or try "Three Bong Gong" to see if you can put a shot in each target wedge. Use our muzzleloader or bring yours. "Hawk Throw" and "Knife Throw" for Mountain Men and Mountain Women, even Flatlanders are welcome to try their hand. We'll supply the "cutlery" and the know how. Event Poster
"Top Turkey" Package Deal: 12 shooting event tickets for the price of 10 and a score sheet that will enable shooters to become the "OSC Top Turkey of 2002". To earn the "Top Turkey" title, shooters must enter each of the seven events listed on the score sheet at least once. However, shooters may enter any one or all of these seven events as many times as they'd like in order to improve their score for each event. The shooter with the highest aggregate score for all seven shooting events at the end of the day will walk away with a new title, an extra turkey and prizes from the OSC Clothes Closet. Prize Poster

Duck Pond, Octopus Toss, and Face Paint for the little ones, but mom or dad should be close by. Prizes for all.

GUN RAFFLES (Two of them.)
One dollar will get you a chance to win a brand new rifle or shotgun. Five bucks will get you 6 chances, but you just need the Lucky one to go home a winner!

Yep, you betcha!!! Fire Wood, lots of it, a dump truck heaped full of it. Best part??? All the grunt work is done cuz this winterís wood is all cut and split by O.S.C. members during the hot and sweaty late days of summer. Buck a chance or 6 for $5.00.

Holy wah, more wood!!! This is the dump truckís big brother, Ole Logger Truck, just piled high with logs. Sorry, youíll have to saw and split this if youíre the top bidder. But, youíll be able to laugh at the cost of high fuel bills all winter long.

Who wouldnít want to take a chance on this? $1,000.00 top prize to the person holding the winning number drawn at the close of the O.S.C.ís 41st Annual Turkey Shoot. Five other winners will also be drawn from this same raffle for $100.00 each. Need not be present to win!!!

10 CENT RAFFLE (Yep, we saved the most fun for last!)
What can you get for a dime today? Well, at the Ottawa Sportsmenís Club, one thin dime, one tenth of a dollar, can get you a really nice prize. Merchandise and money prizes go to each lucky holder of a ten cent raffle ticket. These raffles begin at 11 a.m. and go on all day long until the very last prize has been won from the shelves and from the rope strung clear across the big room. Thanks to our generous area merchants and friends of the O.S.C., these terrific prizes spill over and get taped to the walls. This is an event that is fun for everyone and enjoyed by all.

Eagle Country 105.7
will be doing a live
radio broadcast
from the club grounds
during the
Turkey Shoot!

Our members are working hard to make this Annual Turkey Shoot, one of our most memorable. Itís success will depend largely on the public, the people we most want to please. The events you have just read about are in the planning stage and are subject to change depending on the time, energy and volunteer help from our membership. We sincerely hope that you will mark your calendar and plan to spend the last Sunday in September with us at the Ottawa Sportsmenís Club.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Exploding Pumpkin Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Exploding Pumpkin Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club members are especially grateful for the generous donations from local businesses and the community that make this event so popular and successful. Their support enables us, in turn, to help support conservation efforts, scholarships, and education.

Smallbore Benchrest Rifle - Tomahawk Throwing Target - Running Deer Cart
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Great Food - Great Fun - Great Shooting
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